Lot Walk

    Did you know that it’s possible to get approvals without ever having to see or speak to someone?
    We’ve created a paperless lot walk process that gives you 3 different ways to get approvals fast!

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    Vehicle Inspections

    Convert your existing forms into electronic inspections in under 10 minutes using our industry specific templates, and easy-to-use form builder.
    The solution allows you to easily scan & decode VIN’s, indicate prior damage, capture photos, add notes, and calculate repair costs if necessary.

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    Service drive

    Maximize sales opportunities by conducting estimates & prior damage inspections right when a customer arrives at the dealership.

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    Reconditioning Management

    Wouldn’t it be nice to receive real-time updates on the current repair status of each vehicle, and track it through the entire repair process online?
    How about eliminating the time spent communicating with internal and external teams?
    The good news is that we have developed a solution that does both of these.
    Reconditioning Companies, Dealerships, and Hail Teams now have a better way to manage the repair process without chasing all of the paperwork.
    Sounds awesome right?

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    It happened again didn’t it?
    You had to call a tech to let him know about a schedule change…
    Wouldn’t it be nice to click a button and let him know about the schedule change automatically?
    Now you can!
    This solution is great for Reconditioning Companies, Hail Teams, and Dealerships looking for a better way to manage appointments all the way from estimate to invoice.

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    F&I Programs

    Do you need to track contracts, claims, cancellations and commissions?
    If you have an F&I program I’m sure you do...
    Chances are you’ve looked for a solution online already…
    You probably didn’t find one tailored for automotive reconditioning industry?
    We didn’t either so we made one!
    Click this button now and schedule a live demonstration to see how it works.

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    • Mobile APP & Cloud Based
    • VIN Scanning and Decoding
    • Automate and Enforce Processes
    • Instant alerts when vehicle recon is behind schedule
    • Dispatch work
    • Improved vendor tracking and work authorization
    • Managers, employees, vendors and clients have instant access for vehicle monitoring and tracking
    • Integrates with a variety of accounting and payroll software packages (QuickBooks™, etc.)
    • Real-time graphical information displayed on PCs and as reports
    • Graphical inspection forms with touch-screen capability
    • On-the-spot printing & emailing of inspection forms and invoices
    • Tracks all invoices, work orders, timesheets, and revenues using easy-to-read charts
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