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Our goal is to help your organization to get the most value out of your paperless system. In order to assist you, we offer a unique combination of support, training, tools, and expertise to promote rapid user adoption, increase technician productivity, and ensure high return on investment.

How to Enter a Support Request

  1. AMT Support Portal:
  2. ReconPro Back Office: Use “Support” link in the top right corner of your Back Office
  3. Mobile Application: Use “Request Support” button under “Status” menu
  4. Email:
AutoMobile Technologies Responsibilities:

AMT shall provide Customer Software Support in accordance with the Software Support Plan customer selected as part of Schedule A. AMT’s obligations with regard to Customer Software Support shall extend only to the licensed software Product(s) developed by AMT; all third-party software and/or systems, for which AMT does not own and control the source code including, but not limited to, applications, operating systems, databases, backend software, hardware, device drivers, firmware, network connections, and peripherals, etc. are excluded from Customer Software Support.

Customer Responsibilities:

Customer shall appoint at least one technical representative who will be trained to maintain the integrity of the licensed software products on the customers system. The technical representative must have a general understanding of customer’s platform and client software. Both parties shall determine how many technical representatives should be appointed based upon such factors as the licensed products, and the size of the system being supported. All technical communications by Customer to AMT shall be made by the technical representative(s). All information and materials provided by AMT pursuant to this agreement shall be routed to the technical representative(s) and shall be protected as confidential information.

Customer shall to the best of its ability read, comprehend, and follow the operating instructions and procedures specified in the documentation. Customer shall notify AMT if problems or errors with the licensed software product are encountered. Customer shall provide descriptions of the error to AMT and shall answer and assist AMT’s efforts to duplicate all licensed software products errors or problems. Subject to customers reasonable security requirements customer shall provide AMT with access to and use of the information and system facilities determined necessary by AMT to provide timely software support.

Customer shall provide remedial corrective action if necessary under the direction of AMT’s support personnel.

AMT shall use reasonable effort to provide modifications or additions to correct errors in the SOFTWARE reported by Customer under the conditions described. Upon receipt of notice of an error, AMT will assign a priority level as determined by the Customer to the error according to the following criteria:

  • Emergency – Usually an application-wide or network failure when ReconPro servers and services are not responsive or not available.
  • Priority A – An error that results in the SOFTWARE being substantially or completely nonfunctional or inoperative.
  • Priority B – An error that results in the SOFTWARE is operating or performing in a manner other than as represented in the Documentation, but which does not have a material adverse impact on the performance of the SOFTWARE.

AMT will make reasonable efforts to correct the error or provide a workaround solution for each priority level and, if a workaround is the immediate solution, will make reasonable efforts to provide a final resolution of the error. Reasonable effort will be made to respond to the incident within the following time frames after receiving notice and sufficient information and support from the Customer:

Priority Level Correction or Workaround If Workaround, Final Resolution
Emergency 6 hours 2 business days
A 2 Business days 15 business days
B 7 Business days 30 business days

** Actual Workaround and Final Resolution timelines for iOS client application incidents can vary as updates to applications need to be submitted to Apple for review prior to making them live in the application store.

Beta Software Support

Periodically AMT will make available beta versions of our software available to customers. All incidents discovered when utilizing beta software should be reported immediately via the normal means. The standard support timelines and process do not apply to beta software incidents. Customers who elect to participate in the beta testing cannot defer contracted monthly subscription fees in lieu of beta participation, even when the customer opts to install beta software on the same device(s) that were previously running a production release.